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The Financial Services Institute (FSI) — the only trade association advocating solely for independent financial advisors with lawmakers and regulators — knows the incredible burden rising healthcare costs have become in recent years. Now, there’s a solution. READ MORE

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Advisors, their staff and their families suffer from the costs of skyrocketing premiums and deductibles so large they always seem out of reach, but it’s not just the home budget and personal pocketbook of our members that suffer. When the cost of healthcare is so steep, it not only affects you personally, but it may affect you professionally.

As a critical part of the CoveredAdvisor2.0 launch, FSI is the first and only U.S. trade association offering financial advisors, their staffs and their families a valuable Financial Advisor Group Health Plan for groups who can enroll 2 or more. These plans were written for you specifically and cannot be found anywhere else.

FSI Medical plans are currently available in X states for groups of 5+ employees and an additional plan for groups of 2-4 in 44 states. Members in all 50 states have access to a great vision and dental plan.

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What is the FSI Financial Advisor Group Health Plan?

FSI has partnered with Decisely Insurance Services and Humana® – who was rated #1 in customer service in 2019 by Newsweek – to bring true group healthcare to advisors, their staff and their families who work for a practice located in one of 16 states for groups enrolling five or more FSI members. FSI’s plan offers savings up to 20%* compared to the open market. Greater savings can be obtained by bundling additional insurance products and participating in a wellness plan.

FSI will work with Humana and other carriers to expand its healthcare program to other states as well as to expand the states currently with a five-life requirement to two lives. However, in the meantime, groups of two to four should still contact us for a full healthcare solution. Groups of two to four may also find significant savings versus the open market through an additional FSI offering that is available in 44 states.

The Phase 1, 5+ states include: AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MO, MS, OH, TN, TX and WI. Practices located in these 16 states may also include in their health plans advisors and staff who work for the practice yet live outside of the state (restrictions may apply in California; does not extend to Hawaii and New Hampshire). Plan and rate quoting starts March 1 for a May 1 earliest effective date, but options available for members throughout the year, irrespective of benefits renewal dates. Last, all members in groups with two or more in all 50 states can enroll in a robust vision and dental plan.

Keep watching the map to check on status in your state. For any other questions feel free to contact FSI’s Chris Paulitz at

Finally - you have to be an FSI member to enroll! Both you and your W2 staff should join FSI to ensure you are qualified to enroll when we launch a plan in your state. Visit to join now.

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* Your savings may vary.

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