Health Plans for Individual Financial Advisors, Staff & Their Families

SWITCH NOW: Save Dramatically on ACA-Compliant Major Medical

The healthcare you want. The savings you need.

  • Up to 50% savings versus open market
  • National PPO + go to any doctor
  • HSA eligible, premiums tax deductible
    (always confirm with tax professional)
  • Available in all 50 states
  • ACA-Compliant major medical
  • No group enrollment needed

Enrolling: A 60-Second How-To

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The Future of Healthcare for Advisors

Revolutionary for us, but a tested model. The model is tried and true, and not subject to the ever-changing political winds.

NOT an open market plan with discounts. FSI’s Health Plans for Individual Financial Advisors and their dependents is a program years in the making, finally solving the most serious challenge to being an independent advisor — access to quality healthcare at rates similar to what employees pay at major corporations.

Welcome to CoveredAdvisor. Welcome to quality major medical insurance at dramatically lower rates. Welcome to the future of healthcare for financial advisors.

Who is Eligible?

  • Financial Advisors with a Tax ID and a CRD number and their dependents – as well as advisor staff with an CRD number. Multiple advisors who are partners/owners in a practice may all use one Tax ID. Staff must use their own Tax ID, not the Tax ID of the overall practice. Don't have a Tax ID? Click here to apply and receive your ID in a few minutes.
  • You do not need to be an FSI member to see your rates or to apply, only to finalize enrollment (dues only $199 a year).
  • One of the many ways we can offer such low rates is by keeping this plan healthy. While there is no medical underwriting, applicants will have to answer a short medical questionnaire to screen for major medical issues.

Easy Steps to Enroll!

View your instant plans and rates.
Love your rates? Create an account for more details and to apply.
Once approved, and FSI membership is confirmed, finalize your enrollment.

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