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Quality health insurance at a fair price can change an an advisor’s life and the lives of their staff. That’s why FSI is proud to sponsor its Financial Advisor Group Health Plan for our members. We are stronger, together. The power of our numbers allows us to offer more affordable medical, dental, and vision group insurance plans usually available only to large groups.

Affordable, quality healthcare options exclusively for FSI members.

  • Medical, dental and vision plans from Humana® and SunLife®.
  • Customized plan offerings and cost sharing that work for your business.
  • HR Technology and support that make benefits administration less time-consuming.
  • Greater savings possible by bundling additional insurance plans and participating in a wellness plan.

Real People. Real Savings.

I’m getting medical, dental, and vision coverage for my entire family for less than I used to pay for medical alone…AND I have a better plan.

- Pam M.

No matter the size of your business, the savings are real (and so are these examples).


Maximum Savings
% Savings

Member 1

Size:60 employees
Maximum Savings:$63K
% Savings:23%

Member 2

Size:35 employees
Maximum Savings:$21K
% Savings:8%

Member 3

Size:13 employees
Maximum Savings:$35K
% Savings:34%

Quality health insurance at a fair price can change an employee’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FSI Financial Advisor Group Health Plan gives our members exclusive access to negotiated discounted major medical insurance through our carrier partners. Your group size and work location will determine which insurance provider(s) we work with. The objective is to help you to provide healthcare and other benefit options at a lower cost than you can get on your own and to put affordable benefits for you and your employees within financial reach.

  • First things first: If you are not a member of FSI, be sure to join! Enrollment into the FSI Advisor Group Health Plan is available to members only.
  • Next complete the form at to start the process.
  • An FSI Healthcare representative receives your information and will contact the owner/HR person to gather key information. Some parts of this process will require information from you, while other parts may require information from your employees. Don’t worry! Your Program Consultant is with you every step of the way…we’ve got you covered!
  • See an overview of the full FSI Healthcare Quoting process here.

This program is available to FSI members in good standing with businesses of two or more employees. There are some notable exceptions:

  • Sole Proprietors (without employees) are NOT eligible for this plan.
  • If the husband and wife are both owners/employees of the company, they are eligible, if they have other employees enroll in the program. They are NOT eligible if the husband and wife are the only program enrollees.
  • A group of only two related individuals (such as a parent and an adult child) as owner and employee of the company are eligible, if the related individuals do not share the same residential address.

Enroll at any time throughout the year, the first of each month.

FSI approached Decisely with a vision to access higher quality healthcare at a reasonable price as a group. Together, we created FSI Healthcare. Our goal is to help you to provide healthcare and other benefit options at a lower cost than you may get on your own and to put affordable benefits for you and your employees within financial reach. While many of our members don’t qualify for traditional small group health insurance, FSI Healthcare partnered with carriers and Decisely to accommodate the unique nature of FSI members and advisors so they can ‘qualify for competitively-priced benefits plans’.

  • In most cases*, the insurance provider will need the medical history (via a health application) from each employee on your team (including information on their dependents). This information is protected under HIPAA and is reviewed only by the Insurance provider.
  • The insurance provider uses the applications to determine the overall health of your team, and to provide final rates and pricing. The team is quoted as a unit, therefore individual employees within the team are not charged different rates based on their individual medical history.
  • This information is also used to help and to balance the health risk pool within the overall program to ensure the FSI Financial Advisor Group Health Plan continues to receive the best rates possible.

* This is not required for groups of 9 or more enrolled employees in AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MO, MS, OH, TN, TX and WI.

Yes! Our FSI health plans cover pre-existing conditions for any health benefit as prescribed within the Affordable Care Act’s “essential health benefits.”

No. The Financial Advisor Group Health Plan is part of FSI’s CoveredAdvisor2.0 program for its member financial advisors and staff. FSI does not profit from the sales of any products in the CoveredAdvisor2.0 program.

Federal law defines an eligible group as two or more individuals, which excludes sole proprietors from enrolling in a group plan. The FSI has been working for more than two years to change this law, including supporting a new rule from the Department of Labor that would allow sole proprietors to enroll in an association plan. Several states have sued the Labor Department over the inclusion of this new rule, so it is now tied up in the court process. FSI, which is part of a national coalition supporting this rule and is continuing to educate lawmakers and regulators on its importance, filed an amicus brief with the court in support of the new rule allowing sole proprietors to enroll. FSI will alert its members if and when a change in federal law takes place.

While FSI created this plan for advisors, small and mid-sized firms may also benefit from our plans and cover their entire home office. Please complete the “Get a Quote” section of this website and we will be in touch soon to discuss your options.

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The Financial Services Institute and outside vendors have worked to provide an independent source of benefits, retirement, insurance, and HR services for the benefit of its independent members. Benefits, HR, retirement and insurance decisions, and sourcing are the responsibility of the business owners. A business owner’s decision as the employer whether or not to participate in the benefits and services provided is solely the his/her decision. Neither the Financial Services Institute, its subsidiaries, nor any outside vendors are fiduciaries with respect to such decision.